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Crematoria Black Garlic Chipotle Rub

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A super hot chipotle seasoning made with fermented black garlic.


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Elevate your enchiladas with this super hot and smokey chipotle spice blend. Made with chipotle, black garlic, garlic, onion, sun dried tomato, celery, cumin, limes, sea salt and a bunch of chocolate and peach super hot peppers.

Black Garlic is a head of garlic that has been aged and fermented until the naturally occuring bacteria in the garlic transform the cloves into something more akin to a dried fruit such as a date or a fig with flavors reminiscent of a fine aged port or sherry.

Each 10 oz batch of spice blend we make contains around 80 super hot peppers.

Packaged in smell proof 3x4 inch FDA approved food safe resealable ziplock aluminum mylar bag containing approximately 25 grams of spices.

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