Big Red Mama Gone Chocolate Seeds


Pack of 10+ seeds harvested from open pollinated organically grown peppers.

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An accidental cross, the Aji White Lightning Bolt was discovered in the CA garden of THP grower Lovepeppers, who received the seeds from THP grower Bpiela. The seeds were labeled 'Aji Penec', but the plants that grew turned out to actually be a cross, with the other parent later being identified as an Aji Melocoton. Currently on the F3 generation, the Aji WLB has a very unique shape, and as the name implies resembles a lightning bolt. Pods start off pale green and ripen to a pale creamish white. Flavor is somewhat sweet, with slight perfume/floral in the finish and a medium baccatum heat. Production-wise this variety is a machine, growing into bushes 5' tall, 4' across and cranking out hundreds of pods per plant every few weeks. 

Pack of 10+ seeds harvested from organically grown peppers.

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Pod Color
Plant Color
Capsicum Baccatum
Heat Level
Super Hot